Pagan Christmas ritual pressed on young kids



Kind of crazy, We put two older children through the public school system, our third son only made it to 8th grade before we pulled the plug on the JUNK they call public school. He had to do an assignment on Nirvana, the task he was assigned was to make a game board on how to reach Nirvana, are you kidding me!!

In the 12 years the older two spent in school I never had to go beyond a teacher if we had a concern, but with this Nirvana, lets just call it junk, I know this is a family blog :)anyway, I went to the school board and made what I thought was a well thought out argument to stop the madness as they say. We were given a forum but only one of the board members listened or even made eye contact except one crusty old bugger who just glared at me for the 40 minutes I spoke.

Well sure enough two weeks later I received the well thought response, a stinking form letter letting me know how much they appreciated me joining in the dialoge, yah, right.

We made the decision to go the home school route and it has been the best thing ever!! If you have any chance to home school, go for it.

In closing, one of the things I asked the school board was, if they change the game board the kids were required to make and design one that showed the way of Salvation through Christ, would the accept it……

Not a chance in heck. Don’t you love fair play?

Anyway, here are some of the points in the link above. Should you want to re-paganize the Holiday season, give me a break, I don’t make this stuff up, our kids face this junk every day

Uncle Tone
Fox even provides a list of suggestions on how 21st century citizens can take part in the ancient rituals, to “re-paganize” Christmastime:

  • Have gift exchanges and feasts over the course of several days and nights as was done of old
  • Adorn the home with sacred herbs and colors; decorate in druidic holiday colors of red, green and white
  • Hang a sprig of mistletoe above a major threshold and leave it there until next yule as a charm for good luck throughout the year
  • Have family/household members join together to make or purchase an evergreen wreath
  • If you choose to have a living or a harvested evergreen tree as part of your holiday decorations, call it a solstice tree and decorate it with pagan symbols
  • Reclaim Santa Claus as a pagan godform by decorating him with images that reflect his various heritages ranging from the Greek god Cronos (father time) to Odin, the Scandinavian all-father riding the sky on an eight-legged horse
  • Place pagan mother-goddess images around your home, possibly including one with a sun child, such as Isis with Horus
  • Honor the new solar year with light – light candles, burn a yule log and save a portion for the following year, put colored lights outside your home, and with the popularity of five-pointed stars, consider displaying a blue or white pentagram.

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