Enough is Enough


1 Percent of Web Deemed Pornographic (Source)

“Nov 14, 6:45 PM (ET) 


PHILADELPHIA (AP) – About 1 percent of Web sites indexed by Google and Microsoft are sexually explicit, according to a U.S. government-commissioned study. 

As of this writing, Google states that they are indexing 4,285,199,774 distinct web pages. But not every page is indexed by the Google search engine, and web sites are made up of multiple pages. (Source)” 

That is Billion with a B web pages and 1% is 4 million web pages of junk, wow, so in my rough math that leaves 11 million pages to get through PER day that have smut. 

4,285,199,774 / 365 = 11,740,273.4 = 11 + million pages to go through per day 

11,740,273.4 / 24 = 489,178,058 = 400 K+ pages to go through per hour, you get the idea, there is a ton of this junk on line and we are all at risk because of it. 

How sad it that, the Internet can be such a great source of information and usefulness or a cesspool or information, depending on how we use it. 1% is bad enough; imagine what will happen when the market gets saturated ………………

Protect your kids.



Dead On

Coming to San Diego, June 29–December 31, 2007!
Dead Sea Scrolls

If you are anywhere near San Diego during this event  I would highly recomend you not miss this one. And if you can swing it pick out a speaker that catches your eye, I recommend

“John J. Collins, Ph.D.
Dr. Collins is Holmes Professor of Old Testament Criticism and Interpretation at Yale University”

I hope you can schedule a visit , it might just be a once in a lifetime event for many of us

Uncle Tone

Reckless Tenacity


Our deep dreams breed a kind of reckless tenacity that I hope I can live up to. I, after all, have nothing to lose by pursuing my dreams. if I can keep His dreams in the forefront. Things can’t get much worse for me. Can they? I certainly know that I am not going to improve my life much by continuing to beg for mercy, or am I. Can I change my perspective more so than my present situation? I do not want to merely scratch out an existence. I want to be transformed.

Most of us have probably cried out in desperation for the healing touch of God, if not for us, for someone we deeply love and care for. Most likely, in a time of panic we want our loved ones to be cured, healed or awakened. We want our broken families or relationships to be mended. We want to find some measure of contentment or happiness for our own souls.

It can be ever so painful to know that Jesus is so near and so capable of healing us and those we so deeply love, but he seems to pass us by, WHY!!

The Gospel invites us to trust in Him, Christ our savior and healer, He understands our pain, He can pursue the healing, and we need to only trust. If you’re like me you tend to try to fix the problems in your life alone, good luck. Your life may not be what you want in your heart of hearts, but it is the life you are living. It may be our job, or a relationship, or a ministry you are involved in or want to be involved in or something you sense could be more exciting, than what you are involved in.

What we need is not an adjustment of our attitude or our situations, but a very real transformation. The good news is that Jesus offers us this very real transformation and all we need do is ask for His help.

When we finally hear Jesus speaking to us, it may take us a while to sort out its true meaning, but with persistence we can. We can be so impaired by our own spiritual vision, we may know what we are supposed to do in the Christian faith, but it is another matter to find the presence of Christ for ourselves, and to experience his transformation power in our daily walk.

We must keep reaching out to him in prayer, keep reading about him in Scripture; keep experiencing him in life, so that we will recognize his call, his message, and his instructions for us. Then, by the grace of God, our ministry and commitment to Him might be turned into celebration.

Uncle Tone

Are we sinning yet?


Well, I never thought I would be able to use the album cover of my favorite album of my childhood in my blog, but thanks to the United Church of Canada I can.
TORONTO, Nov 7 (Reuters Life!) –(source) The United Church of Canada hopes an ad featuring a can of whipped cream and the question, “How much fun can sex be before it’s a sin?” will fill its pews as Christmas nears.

The country’s biggest Protestant denomination launched an advertising campaign on Tuesday meant to provoke debate on the “deep and persistent attitudes and images of organized religion.”

“In order to get past those stereotypes, we thought we needed an ad campaign that was different, had a head-snap to it, that people would have a second look,” Keith Howard, executive director of the campaign, said in an interview.

The C$10.5 million ($9.3 million) campaign targets 30- to 45-year-olds and rotates six images though December issues of Canadian magazines and newspapers as well as Web sites.

One asks, “Does anyone object?” to an image of two plastic toy grooms on a wedding cake. Another features a child sitting on Jesus’s knee in the traditional Santa’s village of a shopping mall, and asks, “Would you still take your kids?”

“We’ve had a long tradition of engaging the issues and concerns of the society that we are a part of,” Howard said.

The United Church of Canada has a declining active membership of about 573,000, although almost 3 million people have some sort of affiliation with the church. Between 1994 and 2004, membership dropped about 20 percent, according to church statistics.

Last month, the church issued a statement defending federal legislation that allows same-sex marriage.


Green Paint and Sin


Ok, green paint and grace, what gives. I spent the weekend painting Conors room, last year he decided a green room would be so cool and me being the oh so cool dad thought what the heck. Well that was an error in judgment that I hope not to repeat. 

The green paint got me thinking about grace and sin. Now to understand my thinking, you need to understand the depth of the green. It took three passes of a primer and one coat of paint to finally rid the room of the green glow beneath the white paint.

With each layer of white I brushed over, the green glow persisted and reminded me of how many times I have asked for my sins to be covered. Just like the green paint, my sins and indiscretions are covered in a completely radiant white. The green was still below the surface but the white covering finally took hold. I knew the green was down there and I kept waiting for it to surface but tonight, because of the finished work of the primer the green was totally covered. 

If I can find a way to extend grace from Southern California to Colorado Springs, I am certain Christ can do the same in an even greater distance, sin 

I am not a theologian and I know this might seem like an odd corollary but when I look at Conors room tonight all I see is white. 

Grace is like that, the sin is still sin and it lies just below the surface but the cover of the white totally washes it over, with that in mind what exactly is our responsibility, I think

it just might be to bring hope to people. Hope not in me, but in Jesus, not in fallen leaders but in Jesus.. The great thing about our Lord is that he never gives a yoke to you or I that he won’t give us the strength to carry, if we come to him. 

Do you think Jesus cannot possibly care for me today because of something you did wrong or that Jesus doesn’t love you near as much today as he did yesterday because of the bone headed thing you just did, What a complete misunderstanding of his teaching. 

It’s so hard to understand grace and it seems so hard to dispense grace when you see somebody fallen head long into sin and the despair that follows, Our first thought might be to say to them how could you or what were you thinking or I would never….. but  Jesus wants us to offer this to them, grace,. Can we as believers find a way to offer grace and not condemnation, Oh how I hope I can. 

I do understand consequences of our actions; I just hope I understand grace in the midst of our actions as well. Haggard is going through Hell on earth right now, I have gone through Hell myself, not in the same way he is but Hell nonetheless. When we think we cannot turn to our faith community because of what we have done, it only adds to the despair. I hope, the next time I am going through my little bit of Hell on earth I can find a way to turn to the Church, not away from her, We should be able to find a way to dispense grace even in the face of evil.

Uncle Tone