News – Some ministers leaving well-known congregations to start from scratch



The real joy both ministers expressed about Church Planting  is

  • a unity among members and the focus on the mission of God at the church plants.
  • Everybody is on board
  • Everybody believes pretty much the same thing: Our mission is to reach the lost.
  • Jenkins said there isn’t a single soul at the Spring Meadows church in Spring Hill who is there and does not wish to be.
  • There are no rules set in stone, no traditions that impede growth or creativity.
  • They wanted to do something different.
  • It’s called the Great Commission. They have found it easier to evangelize away from traditional structure.
  • It is a vision from the Bible and theological,
  • It’s not about how long you spend on earth It’s not about how much doctrine you know. It’s about your practicing love.
  • Evangelism is … one of the greatest acts of love that we can do
  • This is what Paul and Timothy and Silas did.

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