Enough is Enough


1 Percent of Web Deemed Pornographic (Source)

“Nov 14, 6:45 PM (ET) 


PHILADELPHIA (AP) – About 1 percent of Web sites indexed by Google and Microsoft are sexually explicit, according to a U.S. government-commissioned study. 

As of this writing, Google states that they are indexing 4,285,199,774 distinct web pages. But not every page is indexed by the Google search engine, and web sites are made up of multiple pages. (Source)” 

That is Billion with a B web pages and 1% is 4 million web pages of junk, wow, so in my rough math that leaves 11 million pages to get through PER day that have smut. 

4,285,199,774 / 365 = 11,740,273.4 = 11 + million pages to go through per day 

11,740,273.4 / 24 = 489,178,058 = 400 K+ pages to go through per hour, you get the idea, there is a ton of this junk on line and we are all at risk because of it. 

How sad it that, the Internet can be such a great source of information and usefulness or a cesspool or information, depending on how we use it. 1% is bad enough; imagine what will happen when the market gets saturated ………………

Protect your kids.


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