Reckless Tenacity


Our deep dreams breed a kind of reckless tenacity that I hope I can live up to. I, after all, have nothing to lose by pursuing my dreams. if I can keep His dreams in the forefront. Things can’t get much worse for me. Can they? I certainly know that I am not going to improve my life much by continuing to beg for mercy, or am I. Can I change my perspective more so than my present situation? I do not want to merely scratch out an existence. I want to be transformed.

Most of us have probably cried out in desperation for the healing touch of God, if not for us, for someone we deeply love and care for. Most likely, in a time of panic we want our loved ones to be cured, healed or awakened. We want our broken families or relationships to be mended. We want to find some measure of contentment or happiness for our own souls.

It can be ever so painful to know that Jesus is so near and so capable of healing us and those we so deeply love, but he seems to pass us by, WHY!!

The Gospel invites us to trust in Him, Christ our savior and healer, He understands our pain, He can pursue the healing, and we need to only trust. If you’re like me you tend to try to fix the problems in your life alone, good luck. Your life may not be what you want in your heart of hearts, but it is the life you are living. It may be our job, or a relationship, or a ministry you are involved in or want to be involved in or something you sense could be more exciting, than what you are involved in.

What we need is not an adjustment of our attitude or our situations, but a very real transformation. The good news is that Jesus offers us this very real transformation and all we need do is ask for His help.

When we finally hear Jesus speaking to us, it may take us a while to sort out its true meaning, but with persistence we can. We can be so impaired by our own spiritual vision, we may know what we are supposed to do in the Christian faith, but it is another matter to find the presence of Christ for ourselves, and to experience his transformation power in our daily walk.

We must keep reaching out to him in prayer, keep reading about him in Scripture; keep experiencing him in life, so that we will recognize his call, his message, and his instructions for us. Then, by the grace of God, our ministry and commitment to Him might be turned into celebration.

Uncle Tone


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