Green Paint and Sin


Ok, green paint and grace, what gives. I spent the weekend painting Conors room, last year he decided a green room would be so cool and me being the oh so cool dad thought what the heck. Well that was an error in judgment that I hope not to repeat. 

The green paint got me thinking about grace and sin. Now to understand my thinking, you need to understand the depth of the green. It took three passes of a primer and one coat of paint to finally rid the room of the green glow beneath the white paint.

With each layer of white I brushed over, the green glow persisted and reminded me of how many times I have asked for my sins to be covered. Just like the green paint, my sins and indiscretions are covered in a completely radiant white. The green was still below the surface but the white covering finally took hold. I knew the green was down there and I kept waiting for it to surface but tonight, because of the finished work of the primer the green was totally covered. 

If I can find a way to extend grace from Southern California to Colorado Springs, I am certain Christ can do the same in an even greater distance, sin 

I am not a theologian and I know this might seem like an odd corollary but when I look at Conors room tonight all I see is white. 

Grace is like that, the sin is still sin and it lies just below the surface but the cover of the white totally washes it over, with that in mind what exactly is our responsibility, I think

it just might be to bring hope to people. Hope not in me, but in Jesus, not in fallen leaders but in Jesus.. The great thing about our Lord is that he never gives a yoke to you or I that he won’t give us the strength to carry, if we come to him. 

Do you think Jesus cannot possibly care for me today because of something you did wrong or that Jesus doesn’t love you near as much today as he did yesterday because of the bone headed thing you just did, What a complete misunderstanding of his teaching. 

It’s so hard to understand grace and it seems so hard to dispense grace when you see somebody fallen head long into sin and the despair that follows, Our first thought might be to say to them how could you or what were you thinking or I would never….. but  Jesus wants us to offer this to them, grace,. Can we as believers find a way to offer grace and not condemnation, Oh how I hope I can. 

I do understand consequences of our actions; I just hope I understand grace in the midst of our actions as well. Haggard is going through Hell on earth right now, I have gone through Hell myself, not in the same way he is but Hell nonetheless. When we think we cannot turn to our faith community because of what we have done, it only adds to the despair. I hope, the next time I am going through my little bit of Hell on earth I can find a way to turn to the Church, not away from her, We should be able to find a way to dispense grace even in the face of evil.

Uncle Tone






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