Fire them

Most Pastors-Leaders have it all wrong. We do not need to motivate our volunteers. We need to stop un-motivating them.

So many of the people we want around us to help and support what we do, to be co-laborers for Jesus start out with great enthusiasm and moral that is over the top but sometimes if we do not find a way to allow them to flourish they start a great decline that can last for years, if they stick around that long.

The same thing is true in the business world, we take employees with great ideas and energy and find ways not to harness that energy, That in turn sends them to look for employment elsewhere.

The fault, I believe is something we leaders need to take the blame for, our policies or egos, insecurities what ever you may want to call it are in the way of letting those around us, able minded people, full of energy from fulfilling their worship in service to Jesus.

Could it be our behavior or leadership style that is out of place, how do we correct it?

Three ways I think we can start to keep the enthusiasm growing and the joy flowing are;
Impartiality: To respect and to treated others as co-owners of the ministry we have been entrusted with.
Realization: To allow volunteers to take pride in the job, accomplishments, and ministries they are involved with.
Friendship: To develop rewarding, productive relationships with fellow believers, nurturing and encouraging relationships within and outside the four walls of our churches.

To maintain an enthusiastic volunteer force, Pastors must meet all three goals. Certainly, people who volunteer for ministries where any of these points are missing are so much less enthusiastic than people at churches where all these points are present.

One point should not be substituted for another. Impartiality cannot be replaced by favoritism it will dilute the trust. You get the idea, my mantra, let those who want to serve, serve.

Uncle Tone


One Reply to “Fire them”

  1. Tone,

    Good thoughts here…thanks for the link. Thanks also for dropping by my site. I agree with you…I may have to get that book!

    God Bless
    Scott @ Faith Untamed

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