ky-flag.jpgJust when I think we believers in Christ and followers of the King of Kings are making some headway, I run into shear lunacy. I hate to bash but sometimes it is just the right thing to do. I was boiling as I read this story, I completely understand the first amendment and fully support the free speech from all sides of the argument, but why oh why do these knuckleheads want to bring the Lord into their narrow minded argument as if it were the words of Christ.

Ok, quote “Church members held signs across the street that read, “America is doomed,” “Thank God for 9/11,” and “Thank God for dead soldiers.”

Give me a break, thanking God for dead soldiers, how sad is that, no matter what side the soldiers are on, I would think praising God for the death of men is just NUTS.

We very well could be doomed, but it is the likes of narrow-minded goons that doom us not our young fighting men and women that serve our country that will doom us.

This is not just an abstract thought for me this is real life. Last year I attended the funeral of a GREAT young man that gave his life on the battlefields of Iraq, he was just a kid of 19 or so, he gave his heart to serve others, he was a real MAN that loved the Boy Scouts he worked with, loved his family, loved life. How dare people think they can thank the Lord of this young soldier that he is dead, shame , shame on them.

Again, not just a random venting about an abstract subject, I was confronted a few weeks ago by a “gentleman” just as our Sunday service was about to begin he wanted to know why I hated Jews and Gays, give me a break,

The culture of hate is just so sad, can we just somehow show the love of Christ without slamming people, I do understand sin is wrong, I do get it that Jesus overturned tables, I know He said it like it was, but He also shared meals, conversations, time and love with the unlovely, why oh why can’t we.


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