Just Do It

“A 76-year-old nun that competes in marathons and Ironman triathlons”
For those of you who run, I thought you would enjoy this article for those that do not run, you should read it as well.
I enjoy running and I find it is a great time to pray and just have a discussion with God on how life is going. For me, running just blocks out all the distractions of the day and allows me to clear my mind of all the “stuff” that bogs me down. I remember a man telling me, if you want to me doing something at the age of 80, you better be doing it at 40. That thought has stuck with me on so many levels, if I want to be doing anything at 80 I had better be doing it now, procrastination is the death of mans dreams. If planting a church is a dream and you are called by the Lord to do it, do it when you hear the call. If you like to teach, do it, when you hear the call, if you like to __(fill in the blank)______ ,do it.When you hear the call.
This is a reminder to myself, do it while I hear the call
Uncle Tone


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